START and SCALE TV: Session Catalogue

Learn the basics of business through our short videos – Parker Veese and Aurora SDE presents START AND SCALE TV

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S1 E2. I have an idea – now what?!

We discuss what first-steps to take, during the critical early days and weeks of your business, now you’ve determined that your business idea is solid.

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S2 E2. Do I need a website?

We discuss the importance of having a website in today’s competitive market and how you can put it to best use as part of your marketing and conversion strategy.

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S2 E3. What about social media?

We discuss the role of social media in your marketing plan and how to select the channels best suited to your business, so you more readily connect with your potential customers.

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S3 E3. Automating the sales funnel!

We discuss how to streamline your sales funnel through automation, claiming you back precious hours each day to focus on the bigger things for your business.

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S4 E1. Seeking investment

We discuss what to look out for when seeking investment, where to go and who to ask as you look to fund your early-stage business.

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S4 E3. Investor pitch decks

We discuss how to put together your investor pitch deck before you start the search for funding and assistance, what to include and where you can get a template.

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S5 E2. The Competitive Landscape

We discuss the importance of having an eye on your competition, and what that analysis might give you as you make those critical business decisions.

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S5 E4. Process & Technology

We discuss how having the right process in-place, paired with simple technology solutions, can make a real difference to your business efficiency and effectiveness.

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